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Solar Salt Production Process

Sea water or brine is pumped into evaporation ponds where the action of the wind and sun evaporate the water. As the brine solution concentrates, it reaches a point where precipitation of the dissolved salts commences. The various salts then crystallise out of solution based upon their different solubilities. Management of the brine ensures that crystallisers are fed with brine at the appropriate salt concentration to deposit salts with a high proportion of sodium chloride salt. The salt yield depends on a number of factors including the area of ponds, evaporation and rainfall as well as the sea water or brine input concentration. Deposited salt is normally harvested annually.

solar salt

Solar Salt Composition

Solar Salt is produced from either sea water or underground brine.  The water or brine source contains a range of dissolved salts including common sodium chloride.

Sea water is 3.42% dissolved salts and 96.58% water. The major dissolved salts are as follows:

sodium chloride 2.68%
magnesium chloride 0.32%
magnesium sulphate 0.22%
calcium sulphate 0.12%
potassium chloride 0.07%

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