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We have the skills and experience to get solar salt projects progressed

Are you looking at assessing a particular location for its suitability to produce salt by solar evaporation?

Would you like to get more out of an existing salt operation?

Are you needing to undertake market research in regard to a salt development?

Are you dealing with a biological problem in your salt field?

Do you want to review an existing refining operation?

Are you seeking an expert to provide an opinion in regard to the activities of a salt business?

Are you undertaking a due diligence review or are you involved in M&A activities regarding a salt business?

Michael McNamara

The AusSalt team can cover every solar salt technical and commercial activity from selecting a site and building a facility right through to producing and marketing of products.

Managing Salt Businesses - The AusSalt team have extensive experience in running salt businesses

Developing Salt Projects  - AusSalt staff have specific experience in the following salt industry projects in Australia, SE Asia, Africa and the Middle East:

  • Due diligence reviews for acquisition of solar salt fields.
  • Technical management of biological aspects of solar salt field operations.
  • Analysis and productivity review of large scale export solar salt fields.
  • Technical analysis and upgrade of sea water based solar salt fields.
  • Review and provision of advice to salt businesses in regard to the potential for achieving quality and output tonnage improvements.
  • Review of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) saline waste management options.
  • Design and commissioning of fully lined (HDPE) brine ponds and magnesium chloride facilities.
  • Design, installation/upgrade and commissioning of a range of solar salt refineries.
  • Design and upgrade of solar salt washing processes.
  • Feasibility and environmental impact studies (EIS) for the expansion of solar salt fields.
  • Development of salt evaporation basins forming part of inland groundwater salt interception schemes.
  • New product development activities and the introduction of new product into the salt retail sector.
  • Integration of desalination waste brine with solar salt production.
  • Evaluation of location and development of a green field solar salt production facility in Ghana.
  • Investigations regarding the development of solar salt field operations in Abu Dhabi.
  • Salt market research for a new entrant in a number of international locations.